About School » Primary Section » General Rules


1. No student will be allowed to enter the school premises after 07:35 AM in the morning shift and 11:25 AM in the day shift. Disciplinary actions will be taken against the frequent late comers. Late comers will not be allowed to attend classes or sit for tests and examinations.

2. A student who comes to school in the morning is expected to stay in school till the closing time. No student is allowed to leave school after a test. However, the Head Teacher may use her discretion to permit a child to leave school early, provided she has been given an application in writing on the previous working day.

3. Irregular attendance is detrimental to progress. Parents should ensure that their children attend school regularly. They should also check the diary everyday and sign the remarks, if any.

4. No pupil should be absent from school without leave. The parents are expected to fill in the record for nonattendance in the calendar if their children are absent. For absence of more than three days a separate letter should also accompany.

5. Attendance of every student on the opening day of the school session in April is compulsory. A student must be present on the last day before a vacation and on the opening day after a vacation. Anything contrary to this must be intimated to the school well in advance, otherwise, strict action will be taken.

6. Parents must understand that since the school provides atleast two long vacations in a year, there should be no reason for a student to take long leave during the year.

7. No student is permitted to attend school if he/she is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease even if tests have been announced.

8. A student returning to school after any illness should bring a certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating that he/she is fit to resume normal activities. However, the school authorities may ask a student to stay away from school if he/she returns to school before the completion of the quarantine period.

9. Enrolment in the school implies, on the part of both parents and students, willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.

10. Parents must notify the school authorities whenever there is a change in their address and Phone No. as recorded in the school records.

11. Identity cards will be issued to all students. These must be produced when escorts come to take the children home. While the Prep. I & II and Class—I students will be handed over to their escorts, children of Classes - II to V will not be handed over individually. The school accepts no responsibility for students after class hours.

12. Parents should train their children to bring their books, exercise books, art & craft material etc. to school according to the time table. The school discourages handing over exercise books, tiffin etc. to the ayahs and attendants, as this is contrary to school discipline.

13. They are requested not to send any sort of eatables on their children’s birthdays or any other occasions.

14. All pupils are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings. Parents should see that all belongings especially ‘Pullovers’ are marked with the name, class and section of the pupil.

15. Any damage to school property is liable to be charged for.

16. It is mandatory for all students to speak in English during school hours.

17. Parents are informed that teachers may conveniently send notes to them through the Communications section of the Calendar or in the Teacher’s Note of the daily diary. They are expected to sign those remarks and are informed that they themselves may use the Communications section to send notes to teachers.

18. The school authorities will have the sole discretion to change any rule for better and smooth running of the school.