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Admission to every class implies an undertaking on the part of the student to respect the school rules, regulation and the discipline of the Institution. The rules of the school are as under:

1. Every student must attend school punctually and regularly. Leave of absence shall only be granted for bonafide reasons.
2. Attendance in the morning Assembly is compulsory. Students must maintain reverential attitude during the prayer and do nothing that may be detrimental to the devotional and moral tone of the Assembly.
3. No student will be allowed to enter the school premises after 10:25 A.M. and disciplinary action will be taken against frequent late comers.
4. If any student wishes to remain back after school or come during holidays for games, consent letter from parents must be handed over to the concerned P.T. Teacher. Students must report in the games room.
5. Students must not remain in the class room after school hours, if found the school authority will take disciplinary action against him/her.
6. Besides the Principal and the staff, the School-captain and all the House captains, prefects have the responsibility of maintaining discipline of the school. During the absence of a teacher from the class pupils must obey the class monitor appointed to maintain order and discipline in the class, failing which, strict measures will be taken against the concerned student.
7. No Early Leave shall be granted to students. In special cases, permission may be given at the discretion of the school authority. Students will not be permitted to leave without parental escort.
8. A pupil who is found to be irregular in his/her attendance without bonafide reasons or without any explanation from the guardian will face serious consequences and withdrawal notice may be issued.
9. Observance of birthday, taking part in private excursions, preparations for an examination are not considered as valid reasons for absenteeism.
10. Attendance of every student on the opening day of the school session in April and on the opening day after vacation is compulsory. Anything contrary to this must be intimated to the school well in advance, otherwise, it will be considered as punishable offence.
11. It is mandatory for every student to attend all the school functions e.g. Annual Sports, Independence day, Republic day Celebrations, Cultural Programmes etc.
12. A minimum of 75% attendance is required for promotion to higher class.
13. The pupils shall not be allowed to sit for the terminal examination if school fees are not up-to-date.
14. Students are not allowed to meet any outside visitors including parents/guardians during school hours unless prior permission is sought.
15. Pupils are not allowed to enter the school office without prior permission.
16. Celebration of any kind with cakes, cold drinks etc. is strictly prohibited in the school premises.
17. No extraneous books, periodicals, magazines and newspapers of an objectionable nature shall be brought to school.
18. (a) CBSE has given clear instructions that students must not bring mobile phones to school. Please note that if any student is found carrying mobiles inside the school premises, during school hours, the mobiles will be confiscated, will not be returned and a fine will be imposed, as per school rules.
(b) Carrying of C.D., Cassettes, Walkmans, Cameras and any electronic goods/gadgets etc. are not allowed. If any of the above items are found, they will be confiscated, and a fine will be imposed.
(c) Students will be penalised if found to be carrying crackers or explosives any student found violating these clauses, will be taken to task and serious disciplinary action will be taken.
19. Any damage done to school by any student should be made good by the student concerned.
20. Books, stationary, bags, tiffin box, sweater, garments, etc, should bear the name, and class of the owner. School authority takes no responsibility for loss of any such articles. Students are not allowed to bring expensive articles to school.
21. Students who bring bicycles to the school should keep them properly locked at the place provided for bicycles and the school is not responsible for any loss or theft.
22. No student is allowed to drive motorised vehicles. In case this rule is violated, parents, guardians may be requested to withdraw their wards.
23. A fit certificate from a medical practitioner must be produced when a student attends his/her class after an absence due to illness caused by contagious/infectious disease.
24. Students who will be selected for the school team (games) must come for practice as per instruction given to them.